Mysterious and Adventurous Story Behind Top 10 Indian Festivals

Mysterious and Adventurous Story Behind Top 10 Indian Festivals

There is the highest number of Indian Festivals held throughout the world. A festival may be observed with acts of worship, celebrations, PujaHomaaarti etc. There are several No. of Festivals done has a big mystery or some have big adventure behind the celebration. The Indian festivals typically celebrate events and/or festivals because of it’s “Vijay” Victory on Black Side “Kali Duniya”. Here is the Top 10 Mysterious and Adventurist Indian Festivals celebrates every year all over India.

1: Makar Sankranti:

One of the First Indian Festival, and Starting of Indian New Year (Myth and Belief). Makar Sankranti has a not the best Mystery or an Adventure but it’s has a story that could raise your interest in Indian Festival. Typical this festival (Utsav) happen when Sun “The GOD Of Hind Religious” started to raise from North Side (Makar Rasi ). According to Hindu Mythology, Hind or Hindustan which is now India, start his Healthy and Wealthy Life when Sun starts rising from North Direction. It’s also name has a Uttarayan. This festival work all over India on each 14th January of the year.

There is also believed that From 21st December to 14th January Sun start changing his direction and at 14th January he get’s full of his position on North side and start Spreading his power “Urja” to Human for bringing the healthy and wealthy life. But the True story is still hidden “Why this festival celebrates?”

2: Vasant Panchami:

Righ after the “Makar Sankranti” This festival comes with Most Adventurist and Mysterious story. There is a common myth that “Saraswati” the Goddess of Knowledge Born in this day, And According to Hindu Mythology there is also one Adventurist story behind this festival. Said that “Kalidasa” One of the First “Puran” Singer or “Kawi” tired from his wife (Princess of the State) because he was not a good singer “Kawi” and try a suicide action on the river of Saraswati, While he trying his suicide, a Goddess of Knowledge “Saraswati” come in front of him and say him to take a deep in the river and after this he realized that “He has now an Ultimate Knowledge” and hence he started his career again, and now we know that His name is in the Golden Ink of Indian History.

There are several stories behind this Festival, like Some Indian celebrates this festival because of they believe that “This is a Love Day.” The reason for this myth is, A “Kama Deva” or Root of the Love get Curse of Lord Shiva for Disturbing his Samadhi “Salvation.” When he gets cursed and become a Soil his wife “Rati” try to get Condonation from Lord Shiva. After Lord Shiva Completed his Samadhi he realized the existence of “Kama Deva” and Give him back his Life with his Power. But still, this story is mysterious for every new person who tries to investigate and left with a new Adventure and/or a Mystery.

3: Mahashivratri:

Most Adventurist and Top Notable Festival In India has a Base “Lord Shiva.” Mahashivratri Commonly Celebrated by All Over Indian Because he is the Reason of This Universe according to Hindu Mythology and they says that “Lord Shiva” Created this all universe and hence this festival work all over India. Maha Shivratri has Many stories depends on Lord Shiva and which is also Most Adventurist.

One of the First Common stories about this festival is “Lord Shiva” Drank the Poison for saving the world, formed by “Samudra Manthan” Churning of Milky Sea or “Kshir Sagar” for gaining all Powers of Universe, Lords, And the Demon. The Day this happen which is then considered as a MahaShivratri because of Lord Shiva save this Universe from ends.

Another One Story is that “Each year on the 14th Day of Magha Month according to Hindu Calendar “Lord Shiva” comes in the form of “Lingodbhav Murti” (Old Statue of Linga or Lord Shiva) in the Mid Night sharp at 12:00 AM for giving the energy to survive and salvation to his Devotee. This is Why every Devotee of “Lord Shiva” keep Full Day fast and Do the Chanting of Lord Shiva Magical Words which give them Universal Power to live happily and finally get salvation after death. Hindu Mythology believes on “Lord Shiva” And his Powers, There are also say’s that “Lord Shiva” Can also destroy this Universe if he decides with just his “Third Eye” which is in his Forehead middle.

This is most Adventurist Festival about Lord Shiva and that’s why this festival Celebrate with a large number of Devotee. This festival isn’t only celebrated in India but also in Nepal and in parts of West Indies which apparently over 400 temples across the country.

4: Holi:

As a name, this festival is commonly base on the famous story happens in the ancient time. There was a king named Hirnyakshyap who order over the kingdom of earth. He was so egotistic and says himself a lord because he thinks he possesses all this world. He ruled that everyone only Worship Him, not a God, But behind him and without fair of Hirnyakashyap his son Pralhad continuous to the worship of Lord Vishnu. In Hindu Mythology Lord Vishnu named as Father of Universe who survives them. When Hirnyakashyap got news about his son Pralhad, he tries to Kill his Son, but every Time when he tries to kill Prahlad “Lord Vishnu” Save him. Finally, Hiranyakashyap Called his Sister “Holika” (She had a power to save herself in the fire) to take Prahlad in his Lap and seat in the Dazzling Fire. Again “Lord Vishnu” Save his devotee life and As a Result “Holika” Died in a fire because of evil activity.

This Festival Celebrates in India because of Adventures Victory on Evil Things. There are also many stories behind Holi like Kamadeva and Curse of Lord Shiva on him as we read in Vasant Panchami. But the True Story still doesn’t know anyone and which is still a part of Mystery.

5: Ram Navami:

Ram Navami Festival has commonly celebrated the Birth of Lord Rama which is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a Human.   Say’s that whenever Evil Human “Rakshasa” try to tease and do the activity like killing the Good Men, Devotee, Child, and Any other Evil Activity happen on this earth and if they increase the “Lord Vishnu” take a Form on this earth as a Human and/or as a Beast and Kill that all evil human who unbalanced the peace of Earth. “Lord Rama” Birth celebrated every year with big Happiness because say’s that, “Lord Rama” Stay all his life with One Wife “Sita” By Physically and By Mentally which was just Impossible for the common man to even doesn’t think about any other women. “Lord Rama” Brings the Peace of Earth come back and Save his Devotees life. There are several Adventurist Stories on Lord Rama and also another one Adventurist Festival Happen with Billions of Audience In India.

6: Gudi Padwa:

The First Day of New Year According to Hindu Calendar. Gudi Padwa is a festival work as a New Year of Marathi Month. This Festival come in March of English Month. Say’s that when there is no one in this Usinverse, the “Lord Bramha” The Father of this Universe Created this World for Human Beings and Other Insects. When he created this world with his Brain and Mind Power that day Start as a “Marathi 1st Month” Called “Chaitra”

Gudi Pawdwa Festival Largely work in the Maharashtra but typically all over India. In the Date of Gudi Padwa In Ancients Times Says that, “While Charming of Sea” By Gods and Demons The “God of Nature and Health” Takes Birth and hence In this Day, Largely Human In India Eat The Leaf and Flowers of “Medical tree” Kadulimb” which give them Health and Wealth for the Full Year because according to Hindu Mythology “The God Of Health” Possess their health with his unique power.

7: Hanuman Jayanti:

The Great Festival Celebrates the Birth of Second Form of “Lord Shiva” on the earth As a Hanuman. Hanuman Famous for his Deep and Immortal Devotion for “Lord Rama” The 8th Form of “Lord Vishnu” In this earth. Say’s that, Hanuman is not a total Human nor Total Monkey. He is a Monkey Human. He has an Ultimate Mighty Strenght and Power And No one in this Earth Till Today’s Date can Win Against Him.

According to Hindu Mythology Say’s That “Hanuman” Is a Son of “Pawan” The “Lord of Air” and His mother is “Anjani” who is Half monkey and Huma. Hindu Mythology has a Newmouras Adventurist story Behind Hanuman Birth. Say’s that Hanuman took birth with just a Seed of Apple which was eaten by “Anjani”. Also, Says that “Pawan Deva” Give him the Power to Create his Son.

Hindu Mythology Say’s that “Hanuman” Earn Powers from 33 Crore of Hindu God-Goddess And He is Almighty. The reason behind this Blessing, When Hanuman Try to eat Sun As a Food, The Lord Indra “Who is the King of God’s Kingdom” Punished him and Kill Him. When this News go to The Father of Hanuman “Pawan Dev” He stops all airs from this Earth because of Emotions towards his Son. When Each and Every Human and Insect begins to die without Air, The “TriDev” [Bramha, Vishnu, Mahesh] Comes and Give his Son again Life. And Follow by this every God and Goddess bless him with their Powers.

Hindu Mythology Also Say’s that, Hanuman is the Alone Person In this Earth who is Still Living since 450 B.C. Because he got the Blessing From Lord Rama and His Wife Sita, When He Helps them to Meet up again and In the War Against Demon “Ravan.” Hindu Mythology Belive that Whenever there will be Chanting of Rama Started Hanuman Come with his Microform “90Billionsth Times Little than Ant” And hear the Chanting of “Hare Rama, Rama, Rama”

8: Vat Purnima:

A Festival for Man. This Is the alone Festival For the Husband and Celebrates by Wifes Alone in Full Moon Day. Vat Purnima is the festival in which every Wife Aks Blessing and Life for His Husband, And keeps Fast for his Prosperity. Women who have a Husband Keep fast for Full Day, They Threads around the Banyan Tree, And Ask Blessing for Their Husband, And the After the Full Day, They Look Face of their husband after the Moon and Drink Water to Leave the Fast. This Festival has Unbelievable Mythology that, Baniyan Tree, Who has a Blessing of Thousands of Year Love, Share his Life with the Women who have Deep Belieth in This.

9: Navaratri:

Navratri is the Festival Works In a large number of States in Maharashtra. Say’s that Navaratri is the Nine Day Festival Like “Ganesh Chaturthi” Work for 10 Days. In the Nine Day of Navaratri, The Goddess “Kali” Keep running her War with Demon “Narakasura” And After the 9th Day He kills him and keeps his Head, “Mastak” In her Hand. There is also say’s that, “When Navaratri Utsav” Start “All God-Goddess” in the Universe Take Rest From Their Duties, And Earn More Power by Doing Meditation full 9 Day and Hence the Earn Mighty power After this days. In this 9 Day’s they leave all the “Demons and Evil Spirit” To work as per they want and after the 9th Day. They catch them all and punished them for their work.

In the Celebration Hindu, Navaratri Utsav takes Biggest Area and in this 9 Days, Girls And Boyes Do “Garba” Indian Dance full night or half night. Every Day and Evening People Do “Aarati” Chanting of God and Goddess for the Better Life All Insects and Human Beings.

10: Dipawali:

Most Adventurist and Femus Festival takes Full 1 Part of “3.5 Biggest” Festival of Hindu Religion. Diwali Festival Comes with More Happiness and This Festival Takes 15-30 Day of Celebration. This Comes along with 5 Festival At A Time and Take a Full month to celebrate.

Hindu Celebrate this Festival because of “Lord Rama, His Wife Sita, Brother Laxman” Come in the home after Winning the Demon Ravan Kindon “Which is Now, Shrilanka” and 14 Year of Wanwas “Life in the Forest”. For some, this is also celebrated the Return of “Padwas” Five Brother who was the Batch of Uniqueness after 13 Year of “Vanwas.”

Also, Say’s that, 9th Form of “Lord Vishnu” Krishna Defeat the Demon “Narakasura” And hence some one celebrates this Festival in a Larg Time.

In the Festival of Diwali, There is always full dark on the sky and For Removing this Darkness every house with Deepa. Hindu Celebrates this Festival By Sparking Deepa and keeping them a Lightning full night. This is the Victory over Darkness.

Hindu Festival Has always’s an Adventurist Reason Behind the All Festival. And Hindu Celebration Makes them More special to Look, Celebrate and Make Live for the Good Reason. Hindu Festival Always keeps Human Being Inspired, They are Inspiring from Ancients Times and They will inspire you in the Future As well. Because The Soul of Indian Is Spirituality.

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