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Are you a Freelancer, Or a Journalist or A Writer who have a Passions to write Anything you love. And Do you want to Get Paid for Your Writing Passion? Then you are Right Place.

We’ll Pay you $540 FOR your Article

ShouterVILLA Media LLC. Warmly Welcome you in Our Community.

ShouterVILLA Media was built on the efforts of readers just like you. Readers who didn’t have any experience as writers but decided to put knowledge together and send it in.

So here is the deal:

  • You write a Long Article more than 2000 words. And we’ll pay you $30 to $540 (Depends on Quality) for the first time up to your 4 Article. And then After $50 to $540 (Depends on Quality). If you write at-least 10 Article in a Month we’ll pay you $60 to $540 (Depends on Quality) for your any 4 articles.
  • If your write Short Article, We’ll Pay you $10 up to 4 article then after $30 per article. If you write 10 Article then you’ll get $40 for any 4 article.
  • If your article is Spicy enough to fly over our users and readers then you’ll get $10 to $140 (Depends on Quality) Extra for your per 3000 views for 4 Weeks from date of posting.
  • The short article gets $5 to $40 (Depends on Quality) per 3000 views for 4 Weeks from date of posting.
  • If your Article got a Top notch In that month, We’ll Pay you $80 to $540 (Depends on Quality) As a Bonus.

How to Submit Article:

The Type of Article we Love

  • Mystery and History
  • Secrets, Facts, and Misconceptions and Opinion
  • Business and Employment
  • Educational And Science and Technology
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Relations and Health / Holidays and Celebration
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Sports and Recreation / Travel and Places

Payment and Method:

  • We send payment only through PayPal. Create one here
  • Payment will be released within 42 Days of Submission of Post. Or After Publishing date of Article

Quick Note While Submitting Article:

  • Be sure your article is proofread and Free from Errors. This will help us to send you payment instant.
  • If you are Covering large points then must be clear each and every point in details and length of the article must be more than 2000 Words. Long Article gets paid any in between $30 to $540 (Depends on Quality).
  • If your article is short then Clear the only one point per article, Short Article earn $10 – $140. Depends on How you are covering Points.
  • Your Article plagiarism score must be 100%. 98% of score rejects immediately.
  • Your Article must be Available for Any age above 13 years.
  • Your article Must link with any of the trusted sources if have and not linked in the text. Just paste the URL you want to add in your article after the text in () symbol
  • Same method you can follow with Video, Audio, and Images. Please be sure that Image must contain the Rights from Original Source to Use.

Go to Submit Article – If Guest

Go to Submit Article – If User

For More Help Download Author Guide on How to Write Article.

You are sending us your Article Means:

  1. You have signed Our Agreement
  2. Please read Terms of Services and Privacy Policy (Optional)

Please Read This:

  • We got thousands of Article Daily, So be sure your Article is Good Enough.
  • We have just a 30 Seconds to View your Article Title.
  • If we got it, we read it and used for the further procedure.
  • Your Title is must be Eye Catching to further procedure.

Here is How your Article Go through Community.

  • We Play a role to submitted article title.
  • If your article has eye catching title we check it for further procedure
  • We submit your article to Auto-Detection System. This will take may be 3-4 Days. Because of Thousands of Submissions. Typical Auto-Detect System Takes 3-5 Minutes for checking article.
  • Auto detection system looks for the Grammar, Plagiarism (Online and On E-books), Structure, Style, Format, Technique, Quality.
  • If your article structure is based on Press Release, We immediate take it to the next level.
  • Next Level is Manual Checking. This takes time Up to 3 Weeks. We again check all system run by auto-detection. If Manual Procedure Put a Green Signal. This will go to 3rd Level of Modification.
  • 3rd Level of Modification means we have accepted the article and your $30 to $540 (Depends on Quality) is now confirmed. This level takes up to 3 weeks.
  • We do the Modification according to need and we submit it to the Publication Queue. This will take typically 1 week.
  • Once your article gets published, We will send you message and $30 to $540 (Depends on Quality) for instance (For Members Only otherwise 42 Days). Up to This process, we’ll take 55 Days.
  • Your next Income you’ll get after 42 Days.
  • We Accept 98% Of Submission Every Day And Pay them Every Day, Instant Payout Is Available if you are the Trusted Person of ShouterVILLA Media and If we accept your Article.

Account Suspension:

  • Badly ShouterVILLA Media Community Reserve the rights to suspend you for some time or permanent.
  • This will happen only if you do not follow our rules.
  • Your Account will be suspended after you break the rules 3 times.
  • Here is How we react:
  • You break the rules 3 times: You will be suspended for 24 Hours
  • You break rules 5 times: Your account will be suspended for 168 hours or 7 Day
  • You break rules 10 times: You’ll be banned with your IP For permanent.

Rules of Being Legal with us:

  • Do not use Copied Content
  • Do not use content from E-Books
  • Do not submit Copied or E-book content 3 Times in a day, You’ll be banned immediately
  • If you keep your kidding activity run, We’ll ban you.

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