Content Manager

Content Manager Job Description

The content manager manages content creation for the company website ensuring the content on the website stays up to date and relevant. In ShouterVILLA Media Content Manager follows the Publication Projects. Read the Duties of Content Manager for further details.

Please Submit the Answer we Asked in the Bellow Content with Cover Letter or Resume

Duties of a Content Manager

ShouterVILLA Media Get thousands of Submission every day and we need your Quality to Manage all this Content at your free time but Must be 5 Hours a Day.

  • Modifying and Managing Contents Submitted by Our User and Members.
  • Targeting keywords set by the online marketing manager and basing articles around them.
  • Modifying the Content for Best Online Presence.
  • You must need to Add your Own content Text whenever needed.
  • Keeping up to date with industry best practice and monitoring content activities of competitor websites.
  • Assisting the online marketing manager with ad-hoc copywriting.
  • Repurposing content for different mediums including social media and video.
  • Working alongside the social media manager to create content for the different social media channels.
  • Updating all sections of the website including homepage and all other categories.
  • Training the e-commerce team on how to use the website content management system.

Qualities You Need:

  • We don’t need your educational Background whereas if have then it will be Increase chances.
  • You must have a Curious Mind to read the content and Must have a Dynamic Thinking to edit the Submitted Content
  • We don’t need your Quality to write Content, You just Manage the Content Submitted.
  • Submission will include the Duties mention above.
  • You must have an Ability to work More than 6 Hours a Day to work in one place.
  • If you are a College Student then you can choose the Time you want.
  • Have an Ability to Work Under Stress
  • You must need to Edit the Content At least 5 in a Day, 1 Hour Per Content Edition included More reading, Editing, SEO Optimized and Relative to Need of ShouetrVILLA Media Group.
  • Have a Creative Mind for clicking Content Idea After Seeing the Title of Content. Submit your answer for the Following Question;
  • “The Realistic Dreams Content Created By An Author ABC Make Billions of Dollar in a Day”
  • Submit your Idea What you think And what should be needed in the Content if you think to write in the Resume you submit us, you can also mention your answer in the Cover letter.

Payment and Method:

  • Payment will be release once in a Month if You cover the Targeted Projects, You’ll get Fixed Price per month PlusBonus Included. This is not a Freelancer Job.
  • You’llgetst a Hiring Letter from ShouterVILLA Media Group if Selected.
  • Payment method Included Bank, Check, PayTM, [For Indian’s Only] and PayPal for World Wide.
  • Fixed Bounty Bonus and Payment you’ll get Per Month are: $300 Fixed [As a Beginner Level] and Bonus will be $100 If complete Target For Any 10 Days. Payment Including 4 Leaves in a Month.
  • Note: The Hire you have Quality the Hire you’ll get Paid.
  • The Hire you have Quality The Hire You’ll get Paid.

Application Details:

As a Short, you can send your Resume and Cover Letter with the following details at [email protected]

Submit this details while sending email for jobs.

Subject: Application for [Position name] at ShouterVILLA Media

  1. Position you are Applying For
  2. Your Full name
  3. Contact Details
  4. Any Work Link / OR a sample work attachment
  5. Short Description for your Job Application
  6. Why you are fit for this job

Create Cover Letter with the Following Details:

  1. Hiring Manager: ShouterVILLA Media Group
  2. Hiring Company: ShouterVILLA Media

Or Submit the Bellow form and Fill each detail for Increasing Chances of Hiring.

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