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Legal Letter For ShouterVILLA Media LLC.

We ShouterVILLA Media LLC. Inform you that, we are really true and genuine and not here for doing fraud Activity. We are not selling any type of service and not even charging any money to access our Website. Our Website is free for anyone who is above 14 years.

We do not here to share any porn activity or illegal activity that’s against The Gov. Rule. We are Media Center for anyone who wants to make money using their free time and by sharing their story/article to other Media Web sites. We are proofread team, And Editorial Staff that accept every type of Article from the user, Do the Modification for Better Media Presence and Share/Sell that article to the Source who need it.

We strongly Free for anyone, And we are helpful for them to grow their Revenue.

By Signing this Agreement we Inform you that, We do not Accept users who are illegal and bots, or Spam. We do not Accept the Payment method which is not Legal, and We do not Sell your information to anyone with any situation.

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Legal Letter For Users and Guest.

By Signing this Document I inform to the ShouterVILLA Media LLC. that I am not a Spam or Bot person and nor providing any illegal/wrong information to you. I am a legal person has a legal Document of Country Residence, Where I am Currently Living for more than 5 Year.

I inform you that By joining to the Media Of ShouterVILLA Or By Submitting Any Guest Article for Getting Paid, I selling that article to the ShouterVILLA Media LLC. Selling includes all the rights of That Article. ShouterVILLA Made me Payment for that Article so Once they Accept, I will not again post that Article to Anywhere Else. If I did, Then I will be ready to be penalized under Copy Case.

By Signing this Agreement I Inform you that, I Will submit my True Payment ID and Information to get Paid Legally. If I found under any Illegal OR Wrong Information Then I am ready to Penalized under the Gov. Rule of My Residency.

I Am Signing Agreement by Accepting that, I will check updated Terms and Conditions regularly to get know the Change and be the Safe with ShouterVILLA Media LLC.

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